Frequently Asked Questions

Have a read through our frequently asked questions below, if you still need help then please contact us at

When your butter is made, it goes through a wash cycle with cold water to drain out the buttermilk so that the butter is preserved longer. The water at the bottom of the tub is simply the residue from this wash cycle so no need to be alarmed.

Yes, our current line of products - honey, ginger honey, vanilla and lemon are all suitable for vegetarians.

We are currently working on our vegan butter range. Keep an eye out for announcements for when they are available.

Please keep them in the fridge. You can also freeze the products for up to 1 month.

We advise you to use your butter within 10 days. Always refer to the use by date on the side of the tub.

We work to a schedule for making products. Currently, our production days are Mondays and Thursdays. For orders made between 2pm Sunday - 2pm Wednesday expect your delivery on the Saturday. For orders made between 2pm Wednesday - 2pm Sunday expect your delivery on Wednesday. You can learn more about our ordering process here

At the moment, we only deliver to the UK. Keep an eye out for any changes, we'll share any developments via our newsletter first.

Our butters work in many different instances - baking, spreading and cooking. However, for our lemon, ginger honey and vanilla flavours, you'll get the best out of them when baking/cooking with them. Their flavours come through incredibly well. 

If you're wanting to spread the butter, we suggest taking it out of the fridge 20mins before usage to soften it up.

Whilst our current offerings are made with gluten free ingredients, our kitchen is not a gluten free environment. As such, cross-contamination could occur and we are unable to guarantee that any item can be completely free of allergens. Customer discretion is advised.