Changes to Dolce Butter Shipping Options

If we're honest, we probably chose a terrible time to start a perishable product based business.

We launched right before Christmas and just about survived the Christmas rush - (there may, or may not have been some begging and pleading with Royal Mail staff in the process).

3 weeks later, and Brexit officially became a thing. As did regular issues with deliveries all the way up the supply chain.

If you've been ordering things recently, you may have noticed that your deliveries are taking longer to arrive. You may have found yourself having to request refunds or new products because your order was delivered in a state you should never have received it in due to it perishing in transit.

We've certainly been on the receiving end of such issues. Issues we're only too happy to rectify. However, after a certain point, it starts to do more harm than good for the business and difficult decisions have to be made.

Welcome to Peckham


As such, we're taking this opportunity to focus on building stronger ties in our local community - Peckham (and neighbouring areas) by adding a collection service. When you order now, you'll have the option to collect your order from our HQ SE15.

Deliveries are still available, however, after some testing out of what services work, we will only be offering Royal Mail Tracked 24 and Special Delivery. We found that Special Delivery was the most reliable but appreciate that it's equally the most expensive. 

This is temporary. We want to get our products in the hands of as many people as possible. We're just working through how we do that without being a detriment to the business, whilst maintaining customer relationships and the faith you all have in us to deliver a great product.

We're in talks with logistic companies to figure out a way we can bring the delivery costs down. 

Fear not though, we're still working on things in the background, our vegan products are still in development and we're continuously thinking of new flavours to try out. 

We're so grateful for those who have been patient with us as we iron out these kinks. We'll get there, slowly but surely.