Photo of Fiona the founder of Dolce Butter saying hello.

When it comes to our brand story, I wish I had a compelling story to tell but truth be told, the creation of Dolce Butter was simple: it is my honest opinion that the most elite combination you can have on your toast is a layer of butter followed by a layer of honey. I refuse to be told otherwise! (I must also add that said toast must be eaten within 2 mins of coming out of the toaster for optimum enjoyment)!

After years of using this combination, I began to wonder why this wasn't a stand alone product. After all, there's no reason why savoury flavoured butters should have all the fun.

I began experimenting with flavours - starting off with honey and later adding lemon, vanilla and ginger honey.

At first, I was sending samples to people who were bakers to test out what effect the butter would have on their bakes (texture, flavour, etc). Eventually, I figured I'd share the sweet goodness I'd been making with the world (well, those in UK anyway, for now). Sharing is caring and all.

We offer a range of flavoursome sweet butters perfect for your cakes, waffles, pancakes, toasts, and even your fried chicken (hello crispy honey butter fried chicken)!

Our products are made to order to ensure freshness and are prepared by the holder of a Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering certificate (RoSPA Approved and CPD Certified) (certificate available on request) in a domestic kitchen. We are a registered food business awaiting inspection.